Operation Market Garden

Posted by Panzer Mom on May 30, 2018 at 11:05 PM
Arnhem Bridge 

A few months ago, at our local Game Store “The Ogre’s Den” a campaign was announced to be played the week of the Warlords’ release of their new themed book Market Garden. It was all hands-on deck as the planning began. The date was picked, and the rules were created, and we were good to go!

Since I was a German Player I was hoping that I would be able to field my Germans, but to no avail. The few spots left were for British Players and my husband MadIrishTank was good enough to lend me his British Paratroopers. So, it was settled I would be playing the Brits!

As the planning came together the tables were identified:

• Board 1: Hell’s Highway

• Board 2: Bridge at Son/Veghel

• Board 3: Bridge at Grave/Nijmegen

• Board 4: Bridge at Oosterbeek

• Board 5: Arnhem

There was also an Armor division starting at table 1 and moving through each board, they would only be allowed to pass if and only if bridge was in Allied hands. I found out that I was to play the Bridge at Grave/Nijmegen with my 1100 point British Paratroopers. This army may not look like much but they are British and they drink tea!

Once I arrived and got a more detailed look at the rules of engagement I realized that my British Paratroopers were being dropped in! I had to hold my order dice 2 feet over the table and use the let go method. Upon landing the troops would be lined up behind the arrow on the order dice in a straight line 1” apart from each other. Troops landing in Impassible Terrain (buildings or off the table edge) or within 1” of other models friendly or enemy were removed. Troops landing in “Soft Terrain” such as trees or water were removed on a 4+. I was sure I had no reason to worry…and then the game started!

All the tables started at the same time, and I was playing against a Craig and Fierce German player. The Germans were first to deploy since they were defending:

The Germans took up their positions all both in front and on the other side of the Bridges. They had clear lines of sight with a Marder Tank .

Once the Germans were all set up it was my turn to drop my paratroopers in. Let’s just say that it was a painful drop for the British. I dropped in 4 units and took quite a bit of damage on due my soldiers landing in trees.


What came next was an intense battle for the Bridge, my main goal was to hold the bridge so that the British armored divination could cross and move to the next table.

As my Paratroopers moved up to create a diversion the one lone member of the PAIT team behind enemy lines takes on the Marder and wins :

Taking out the Marder was KEY! Now the Armored division can move on the table. This is where the game play changes up. Instead of 1v1 we are now working as a team. The British vs The Germans, 6 players with lots of things happening. The Armor Division moves onto the table and the battle between ground troops is intense and heavy as the Germans reinforce their troops.

As the Armored Division makes it’s its way onto the table they decide to stop and back up my ground forces. My first thought was great! The Calvary has arrived, but then I realized that this could turn really bad if they got stuck in and taking damage to their tanks. But with this disraction I was making my way to the bridge. 

The battle was intense on the ground with the Falljamerger’s attacking and leaving a lone paratrooper standing on his own assessing the battle. My one lone Brit managed to assault two Falljamerger squads and taking them both out singlehanded! Much to my opponent’s surprise, I feel it was one of the best plays in the game.

After much debate between British players the Tanks started to roll : 

At the end of the day they made it across Nijmegen Bridge and on to the next part of the battle.

For myself it was a crazy battle. There is a lot of energy and chaos that can ensue when you have 6 players on one table! It was a great battle with lots of fun moments and I look forward to more.

Next on the list: The Battle of Stalingrad!

Until next time,


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