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Posted by Panzer Mom on March 20, 2018 at 9:35 PM

We have the next enstallement of our Guest Blogger RedlegGunner the Escaltion League! 

Leading up to the start of the Escalation League, our sponsoring store sported a “Build and Paint” day. It gave us a chance to come out, meet the other players, and for new players (such as myself) the opportunity to assemble our forces for the upcoming Escalation League. It was also used as the “official release” of the guidelines for each round and over all information.

There will be seven rounds, culminating in a tournament for round eight. Victory and league points can be earned during each game played. “League Points” can be applied for rerolls for the tournament at the end, for raffle entries, or be used for rerolls during the tournament at the end. The top 3 players from the Tournament will receive a trophy. I am not entirely sure what the victory points will be used for.

The guidelines for the first round are:

400 points – Single Infantry Platoon only – i.e. a single Officer (2LT/1LT), Infantry Squads, and Teams.

No vehicles, Forward Observers (FOO/FAO), and no “free units” from applicable armies (Soviet squad, French squad, British free FOO, etc)

When I learned that I could not take my Forward Observer, I cried. No, not really, but I wanted to say that anyway. Without knowing the scenario or having a firm grasp of game mechanics or my chosen army strengths and weaknesses, I am opting for just whimsy and personal choice. Now, tactics are like armpits. Everyone has them, but no one thinks that theirs stink, so I am not worried about winning. I just want to get into the game, get my army assembled, and have fun with my friend and associates.

Building in Progress

I have decided that my starting force will be:

2LT, and Platoon Sergeant – SMG (60)

Medic and stretcher bearer– (33)

Squad, 10, SMG, LMG – (123)

Squad, 10, SMG, LMG – (123)

Medium Mortar and spotter – (60)

Total points – 399

Men – 28

I have also taken to the theme of being a Scout unit for the 1st Infantry Brigade of the 7th Armored Guards Division.  From my understanding, this unit operated in the Northern European Theater; Northern France, Belgium, etc. I am not really sure I have the skills to paint to the exact details, but at least I have a guideline that I will use for structuring my forces moving forward.

The store will sponsor one more ‘build and paint’ day, and then the league begins on March 3rd.

If anyone has questions relating to my experiences, please feel free to ask, and I will attempt to answer.’

“God save the King!”

~ RedLegGunner

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