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Posted by Panzer Mom on February 20, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Hello all! I want to give a big welcome to a special guest blogger RedlegGunner from Twitterverse. He is new to the hobby and we both thought I might be interesting to blog his reentrance into the world of Gaming and bolt Action. So without further ado let’s give a warm welcome to RedLegGunner :

Greetings to our fellow hobbyists. I am returning to table top wargaming after about a 20 year hiatus. My first foray into the hobby was as an Imperial guard player, using the Rogue trader rules, robot flow chart and all. But then, life happened. I got married, had three amazing children, I was an Army reservist, and getting a career going. Then something unexpected happened. A divorce, my children are mostly grown up, and I have retired from the military. There is a lot more to it, but this is about getting back into table top wargaming, so let’s skip all that.

Over the past year, my friend since High School, has been inviting me to our local hobby store to try out various games. While I have done some gaming (Shadowrun, Crossfire, Fallout 4), I had not really dived into anything. In December of last year, I finally joined him for an intro to Warlord’s Bolt Action. He had an American Airborne Starter Box set, and several of the others shared their miniatures, and I was hooked.

Two weeks later, I went back, and brought one of my sons. I polled the other players about what they played, and the rules, and I very quickly opted to play the British. Mostly because of the free Forward Observer, and I had been an Artilleryman in the army, in a unit with ties to the landings at Normandy. For several reasons, I did not have a large hobby fund at the time, so I could only obsess over what I wanted, and wait for Christmas. My friend bought me my first troops for the game. A command section, and now my army is named after him, “Ram’s Rough Riders”. For Christmas, I received my very own British box set, and a few odds and ends.

Well, I am still easing back into it all, and unsure where to start. Then, our local store announced that they would be sponsoring an ‘Escalation League’. For me, this is perfect because I often ‘wander’ aimlessly, not quite sure what to build first, etc. While asking game questions with PanzerMom and MadIrishTank, I thought it might be fun to share my experience of getting into this great game and they offered to allow me to quest blog. I am thankful for their willingness to share their blog space. More to come soon.

~ RegLegGunner

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