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Posted by Panzer Mom on February 6, 2018 at 8:50 PM

Well I decided to get out and about and attend another Bolt Action Tournament at the newest gaming store in the Sacramento area.The Ogre’s Den opened this year and has really done a great job of bringing people in for gaming. Joe the owner is part of our FB Sacramento Bolt Action group and has welcomed the Bolt Action community into his store.

This time I wasn’t so nervous and I had battled my way through my first tournament and came out alive! Though this time my husband decided not to come with me, he said I was a big girl now and it was time to put my big girl pants on and take on the world!

It was then that I started to rework my 1000-point Army. My issue last time is that I did not play my transport vehicles correctly, I failed to get in and get the objectives. I knew I wanted to take at least one vehicle and perhaps a tank. But At the moment all the tanks I own are really experience. I mean I have 3 Tiger Tanks and a King Tiger. There was no way I was going to be able to get those buggers on the table. I was also afraid of not having enough troops on the table. In the end I just decided to take my two halftracks. The only change that I made from the last Army list was changing up one small unit to contain two LMG’s. I was envisioning all the dice!

My First battle was against the Brits, as if haven’t had enough British from playing my husband. The first scenario was “Top Secret”. The objective was placed in the middle of the board. The First one off the board with the object wins. The British were first to the objective marker so for my Germans it was about advancing and trying to Kill off the enemy. In the end my Germans just couldn’t stop the Brits from running off the table. My take away from this game is that having units in reserve can be a bugger if you don’t pass your moral check, and daisy chaining the objective is a great way to get it off the table.

Brits taking the Objective 

German Half Track trying to get to the Brits

My second battle was German vs German and my opponent Cole and I saw this as a “Training mission” in which we had to just take out our enemy. It was a battle from the get go! Machines guns galore, the Buzzsaw rule was in action. In the end we both lost troops and I had one last man standing who just could not face down the Tiger Fear from Cole’s Tank.  My Take away from this game is I am so glad I have the Buzzsaw rule, that one extra dice on machine guns really comes in handy.  

Coles Germans Advancing 

Kat's Lone German standing off against the Tank

My last battle was against the Tony who was playing the British, our scenario was to have two objectives on the table and we either had to defend or take the objective for the win. This game was quite different that the other two games because Tony brought Vehicles, he was armed with Universal Carriers, Truck (With Troops) and a Tank. I was greatly outnumbered and was surprised by the sheer quickness of the British vehicles. Which forced my Germans hunker down and defend the objective in their area.

In the end it was a pretty easy win for Tony’s Brits, but we saved the best for last and wanted my German Commander to out with a bang as he as a lone soldier defended the objective against British Troops as they rushed to assault. Even though I would have loved to have won a game, I am all for a cinematic ending.


German Half Tracking facing Britihs Universal Carriers 

Kat's Lone German LT defending the Objective

My big takeaway from this event is I need to rethink my 1000-point army list for the next event or just general game play. I really need to get my half tracks on the table and moving to get to objective or confront the enemy. I tend to hold back, which causes me to either be on the run or defending in my territory. I need learn to be more aggressive in my game play, and not so attached to my soldiers. Even though I lost all my games I had the best time and I look forward to my next event.

Until next time ~ PanzerMom 

If you are interested in Bolt Action Game play you can find The Ogre’s Den here:

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Reply RedlegGunner
10:08 AM on February 21, 2018 
Thank you for sharing this experience. :) Sounds like it was a lot of fun.