BATTLE REPORT : Tanks For the Memory

Posted by Panzer Mom on October 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM

A few days ago, I was challenged by Mad Irish tank to another game in our ongoing Campaign. He was making a push for more territory and resources. Between the Soviets and Brits my Germans are taking a beating. To date my Germans have lost all of their fuel resources and the next in line is Supply Depot. This was my chance to defend and make a push back! So, challenge excepted.

500 Point Army

MadIrish Tank – British

PanzerMom – German - Tank crews are to be activated at the end of the round and armed only with rifles. These three tank crews were not part of my army points.

British Objective – To raid the German Fortifications, to stop the German tank crews from reaching their tanks before explosives were placed.

German Objective: To get 3 tank troops to their prospective tanks and activate. Tank crews are to be activated at the end of the round and armed only with rifles.

Resources spent: British spent 3 fuels to bring Vehicle's into play. Germans: The game table came with extra fortifications that we both agreed I did not have to pay for due to the theme of the game.


The Brits have recovered a bit of Intel that a German Tiger platoon has stopped to refuel at a supply depot. The Orders are given the British Special Forces are to raid the depot and take out the tanks and any troops that get in the way.

Placing Troops

As always, the first thing done is placing your troops on the table to get them into position, so I made sure that the roadways were protected with my MMG team in the Bunker, with my flame thrower team keeping them company. A Waffen SS Unit patrolling the wall, with a support Heer Grenadier unit making its way for back up. I brought my Sniper onto the board up high in the Sniper tower to watch over the hills and forest. My 2nd Heer Grenadier unit was patrolling the wall on the east side of the supply depot, to keep watch over the Tiger tanks that were parked up for refueling.

German Heer Grenadier Patrol Unit

German MMG Team in Bunker

The British troops were making their way through the hills and forests. The unit of LRDG vehicles were slowing making their way through the hills. The British raiding forces were coming up through the woods on the east side of the forest with an MMG, Sniper and PAIT teams leading the way.

British LDRG Raiding Force 

British Paratrooper Unit

British PAIT Team 

Round 1

There is always a bit of apprehension from my part as I place the poker chips into the bag for our activation pool. Pulling the chips always falls to me I always have a bit of excitement as I reach into the bag hoping that I pull a Green chip, but the first activation went to the Brits. I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the red chip; his British vehicles are so quick for fast attacks and with the placement of the roads I just knew he was going to move in with shock and awe.

The British Jeep and LRDG vehicle moved up facing toward the German patrol along the wall opened fire with their forward machine guns, resulting in just pinning the patrol.

The German Waffen SS unit then opens fire with their LMG and Assault Rifles and managed to hit, but did not penetrate leaving the jeep. Those hits looked great, but then having to roll again to penetrate never works out well.

With the British forces making their advance, my German Sniper goes on over watch as he watches the troops advancing slowly, his finger on the trigger just waiting for them to step into his sights.

In moves the 3rd vehicle stopping right next to his buddy and opening fire again with the HMG and the Germans hit the deck with no casualties. As they regroup only to see the third vehicle unloading more rounds with the MMG and this time they were not fast enough and took hits, but suffered no damage. That's right they are hard as nails!!

I will say at this point I did breathe a sigh of relief for all three vehicles had had their turn and I knew for the time being my Waffen SS group was safe for now. However, I just keep pulling those red chips!

The British PAIT Team starts to move up the east side of the forest towards the unmanned Tiger tank unit in hopes of getting into range to hit.

The German Flamethrower team moves out into the road to advance as back up for the patrol until of Grenadiers on the east wall.

The Heer Grenadier unit moves up around the building on the west side of the board to give support to the pinned down Waffen SS unit. With LMG and Assault rifles they open fire on the first vehicle that comes into sight as they move around the corner. Hitting but not able to penetrate, leaving the Brits with another pin marker.

As the battle heats up the German MMG team opens fire at the British MMG team coming into sight at the top of the hill, and watches as they take one casualty and a pin marker.

With the German MMG Team being distracted by opening fire on their counterparts on the hill the British Para unit takes advantage of this moment and makes a run towards the east side wall, but immediately comes under fire by a German Sniper. The Brits manage to avoid being hit as they approached the wall.

Alerted by the sound of gun fire the 3 Tiger tank crews race out of the barracks and make a run towards their tanks on the east side of the compound

Round 2

The chips are placed back into the bag and I give them a good shake and guess what color I pull??? RED! I knew what was coming, those vehicles were going to make a push.

The British jeep makes its move, racing up to the road and swung the vehicle parallel to the wall so they could bring to bare all weapons on the vehicle and opened fire on the Waffen SS unit, who lost two and acquired another pin maker. It was now the MMG on the rear's turn to fire on the back up unit and hit but no damage.

The Brits push forward up to the gate, unable to push through due to troops blocking the way they opened fire to and were able to split the unit leaving a clear path for the other vehicle to crash through the gate to open fire on the tank crews racing toward their tanks. The Waffen SS unit failed to respond to orders due to being heavily pinned.

On the east side of the compound the British Pait team moves into place under the sniper tower out of sight of the sniper team above them and start launching their shaped charge at the closest tank, while hitting the charge was not able to penetrate.

The battle ensures on the east wall the British Paras fire upon the German Heer Grenadier at point blank range, hitting and taking out three soldiers. The German Flame thrower takes advantage of this distraction and attempts to fire on the remaining British Paras, only to miss everything part from some grass and twigs.

The Heer Grenadier team opened fire with their submachine guns on the British Paras and were able to take out three soldiers, leaving the remaining two to regroup and stand their ground.

Back on the west side of the compound the Heer Grenadier unit opened fire on the vehicle that just wreaked havoc on their brothers in arms and managed only managed to keep the vehicle pinned.

The British MMG team reacting to the carnage that they just witnessed opened fire on the flame thrower team and manages to take out the loader. Taking a que from their brothers the British sniper opens fire on the Grenadier team on the wall and managing to keep them pinned down.

Back to the west side of the compound the Waffen SS open fire on the LRDG vehicle in retaliation for their fallen brothers. Tanks crews then make another run towards their Tigers.

Round 3.

After regrouping and assessing the damage I have to say this has been one exciting game! The Chips go back into the bag and you guessed it.....a RED bloody chip! Lol I just can't win.

On the west side of the table the British Vehicle slams through the gate and at breakneck speed stops short and opens fire on the tank grew that is running towards the tanks, they manage to keep them pinned down but no casualties. Then they unleash their rear facing MMG and start to open fire on the Waffen SS unit on the wall to keep them pinned down.

The Waffen SS unit shakes it off and responds to orders and open fires on the British LRDG vehicle and manages to hit but no penetration.

Back to the east side of the board the PAIT team advances and launches another round of shaped charges and just bounces off the armor of the Tiger tank. They just can't seem to get light that tank up.

Summoning all the courage that he could muster the lone German flame thrower tries to move forward to prevent the remaining British Paras from attacking the other unit and realizes that it is a lost cause and is paralyzed with fear and goes down.

Taking advantage of the distraction that the PAIT team was giving with its failed attempts to blow up the empty, parked, unmoving, stationary, unmanned tanks, the British Paras open fire again on the Heer Grenadiers and manage to finally take out the LMG team.

The Heer Grenadiers shake off the loss of their LMG and move forward to take out that PAIT team, the last thing they want to tell their commanders is that they lost two Tigers and one King Tiger to the Brits. Moving at a fast paced they jumped up onto the boxes and opened fire on the PAIT team and could not keep their aim still and missed.

Back to the other side of the compound the Waffen SS manage to open fire on the Jeep and they finally have success and knock out the jeep! Then they notice the third vehicle move past them and turn into the entrance of the compound. They had forgotten about the tank crews racing to the tanks and had only focused on the jeep that had been reigning fire over their heads.

Two tank crews advance again, the third that had been hit by the British was paralyzed in fear and could not move.

Round 4

The tension is rising and oh boy I can feel the urgency to provide extra support for the tank crews, but I am not sure I can pull this off. The Chips are back in the bag, shaken up and.....RED! AGAIN lol

The PAIT Team unfazed by their continued failures, move in and launch yet another attack at the Tiger tank and finally takes the tank out. With the loud explosion the British troops have new vigor and pushed harder. As the British LRDG vehicle on the west side of the board moved onto the dirt track separating two tank crews and opened on the crew in front and eliminated them. Then they opened fire on the tank crew in the read and killed one, leaving one standing who fled the battlefield in fear of this life.

The 2nd British LRDG vehicle raced through the entrance of the compound and with a sharp turn opened fire on the last tank crew and destroyed them. The Remaining German Troops could be seen fleeing into the forest as the British troops secure the compound and capture one Tiger and King Tiger tank.

This was so much fun to play! Watch out for the next battle report when the Germans Counter attack before the British can consolidate their position.

Until next time,


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Reply Andrew J Franke
10:31 PM on October 27, 2017 
Fantastic report and the Terraini and minis are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new Deep Cut battle mat in action