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Posted by Panzer Mom on June 26, 2017 at 3:05 AM

German Objective - The Mad Scientist

I was inspired by Jamie from Warlord Games Pledge post on the Facebook Bolt Action page, he offered up challenges for pledges to complete i.e paint troops or play a themed game of Bolt Action. He also offered up some awesome prizes. So, I took him up on his challenge and part of my pledge was to play a themed game of Bolt action.

My husband and I had been talking about what if we were to take one or two units and allow each soldier to have its own order dice. So, we decided to give it a go!

Game Points: 200 points, British - One Unit of Paratroopers, Germans - One 10 Man unit of German grenadier's and a MMG Team.

Intel: The Germans were housing the Scientist who specializes is in Chemical Weapons and he was on the verge of a breakthrough on creating a new chemical weapon to be used against the British in Operation Sea Lion.

Objective: British Paratroops were to drop into the village and search and destroy the Scientist. Germans to defend and protect the Scientist.

Game Rules - A token was placed in the center of the village, and a scatter dices were used for the paratroopers as they dropped. To search a building, it would take one turn and a roll of a D20 to see if the building was occupied by the scientist.

1-10 Scientist not found

11-20 House fully searched, Germans to reveal whether the Scientist was really there.

My husband decided he would set up the table, as always, he paid attention to detail. He made sure to have lots of buildings and plenty of cover.

Table Layout

Roads and cover

Once the table was set up I instructed him to leave the room so I could place the German Scientist in a building. Now I found this the hardest part of the game, for my husband knows me so well that I was afraid he would be able to determine the whereabouts of the objective just based of his knowledge of my game play style and the fact that I he can read me like a book.

So, after much contemplation I decided to place the Scientist in the farthest corner of the board on where he would be standing. If it is under his nose he won’t suspect it.

Hiding the Scientist

Now that we were ready to play, we placed the drop zone marker for the British Paratroopers.

Next came the placement of the German Patrol Units.

After all the Germans were placed, things started to get interesting as the Brits started to drop in. Controlled by the scatter dice from the Drop Zone marker. Both British and Germans were surprised to have to engage right away.

British Paras Drop right into a German Patrol

They even dropped in on top of buildings.

Round 1 :

It was time to start the game – Turn one

The German Patrol was taken by surprise as the British Paratroopers crashed down from above almost landing right on top of their heads. The German Rifle fired at the Brits and missed. This gave way for LMG Fire from the Brits with a successful roll of 2 natural 6’s and taking out one of the German patrol.

The German Soldier infuriated that his partner was shot opened fire on the Brits hitting them but with no damage.

With the sound of gunshots ringing through the air the British had to quietly make their way around the village and start doing door to door searches and having not luck, continued to search.

We decided that it would take one turn to enter a building, and one turn to search. We identified the searching soldier by placing him next to the building on top of his order dice.

As the British moved in to search the Germans moved in to take them out. A German LMG team open fire as a lone Brit runs across the field.

The Brits continue to search, but to no avail. Then they tried to enter the German HQ only to be fired upon by the German MMG which missed! As you can see it was a quite a distance to reach the lonely British Soldier.

More Brits headed into buildings.

The British kept searching, but still no luck. But here is where it gets interesting the Germans in a brilliant move to fake out the British all move towards one building in the center of the board. As I moved my German Forces closer my husband’s shouts "I knew it, that F(*&^* is in that building. I didn't say a word....

It was at the beginning of round two that I got the luck of the draw and charge in to assault the Brits inside the building. I did not want them throwing a search roll and only to discover the building empty.

So as the assault battle plays out with guns drawn and bullets flying WE ALL DIED!! Lol

In the meantime, the German MMG team at the other end of the Village is coming under fire. From a British Para shooting from a window, while his squad mates, the LMG Team, sneaked up on their rear.

With each pull of the order chip the Brits kept on delivering heavy fire and the German MMG team were collecting pin markers like they were going out of style.

Then the game turned into a bloody battle as German Soldiers running towards the building to distract the Brits from the whereabouts of the Scientist started taking fire and taking casualties.

The Brits continued to move into the building in which they thought their objective was hiding as a German Soldier trailed them.

Finally the British have a successful D20 role and find out that there was no one in the building and the search was on again.

The British once again entered the HQ Building and with another successful role found the building empty. While the remaining German soldiers started to run towards the building that housed the Scientist. It was at this point that I, the German commander, felt the battle turn in favor of the Brits, I was down to three men and the Paras were still going strong.

Finally the Brits entered the scientist's hideout. In a last ditched attempt to prevent them rolling their search dice, the remaining German forces assaulted them in the building.

And during the assault the last of the German forces met their end, taken out by the plucky Brits.

Then came the final nail in the coffin for the Scientist as the Brits had another successful role and finding and killing the objective.

This by far was one of the best games we have played. What was surprising was how killy this game was comparted to our larger battles.

Also how intimate it felt each time one of your men was taken out. I really empathize with my troops and could really feel the intensity of trying to defend the objective while keeping them alive.

Well I hoped you enjoyed our Bolt Action Hack and if you have questions about game play just ask!

Until next time,

~ PanzerMom

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Reply Allen Fritz
3:33 PM on July 1, 2017 
Great!!! The pics are top-notch too. Await the next installment.

Reply Panzer Mom
3:16 PM on July 15, 2017 
Allen Fritz says...
Great!!! The pics are top-notch too. Await the next installment.

Thank you Allen!!!!
Reply Boaz
7:25 PM on November 19, 2017 
Nice looking board, fun with para drifting deployment, hidden scientists ... looks like a blast!

Now that the brits have the info, do they have to sneak/fight their way to the beach for pickup ?