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Operation Market Garden

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Arnhem Bridge 

A few months ago, at our local Game Store “The Ogre’s Den” a campaign was announced to be played the week of the Warlords’ release of their new themed book Market Garden. It was all hands-on deck as the planning began. The date was picked, and the rules were created, and we were good to go!

Since I was a German Player I was hoping that I would be able to field my Germans, but to no avail. The few spots left were for British Players and my husband MadIrishTank was good enough to lend me his British Paratroopers. So, it was settled I would be playing the Brits!

As the planning came together the tables were identified:

• Board 1: Hell’s Highway

• Board 2: Bridge at Son/Veghel

• Board 3: Bridge at Grave/Nijmegen

• Board 4: Bridge at Oosterbeek

• Board 5: Arnhem

There was also an Armor division starting at table 1 and moving through each board, they would only be allowed to pass if and only if bridge was in Allied hands. I found out that I was to play the Bridge at Grave/Nijmegen with my 1100 point British Paratroopers. This army may not look like much but they are British and they drink tea!

Once I arrived and got a more detailed look at the rules of engagement I realized that my British Paratroopers were being dropped in! I had to hold my order dice 2 feet over the table and use the let go method. Upon landing the troops would be lined up behind the arrow on the order dice in a straight line 1” apart from each other. Troops landing in Impassible Terrain (buildings or off the table edge) or within 1” of other models friendly or enemy were removed. Troops landing in “Soft Terrain” such as trees or water were removed on a 4+. I was sure I had no reason to worry…and then the game started!

All the tables started at the same time, and I was playing against a Craig and Fierce German player. The Germans were first to deploy since they were defending:

The Germans took up their positions all both in front and on the other side of the Bridges. They had clear lines of sight with a Marder Tank .

Once the Germans were all set up it was my turn to drop my paratroopers in. Let’s just say that it was a painful drop for the British. I dropped in 4 units and took quite a bit of damage on due my soldiers landing in trees.


What came next was an intense battle for the Bridge, my main goal was to hold the bridge so that the British armored divination could cross and move to the next table.

As my Paratroopers moved up to create a diversion the one lone member of the PAIT team behind enemy lines takes on the Marder and wins :

Taking out the Marder was KEY! Now the Armored division can move on the table. This is where the game play changes up. Instead of 1v1 we are now working as a team. The British vs The Germans, 6 players with lots of things happening. The Armor Division moves onto the table and the battle between ground troops is intense and heavy as the Germans reinforce their troops.

As the Armored Division makes it’s its way onto the table they decide to stop and back up my ground forces. My first thought was great! The Calvary has arrived, but then I realized that this could turn really bad if they got stuck in and taking damage to their tanks. But with this disraction I was making my way to the bridge. 

The battle was intense on the ground with the Falljamerger’s attacking and leaving a lone paratrooper standing on his own assessing the battle. My one lone Brit managed to assault two Falljamerger squads and taking them both out singlehanded! Much to my opponent’s surprise, I feel it was one of the best plays in the game.

After much debate between British players the Tanks started to roll : 

At the end of the day they made it across Nijmegen Bridge and on to the next part of the battle.

For myself it was a crazy battle. There is a lot of energy and chaos that can ensue when you have 6 players on one table! It was a great battle with lots of fun moments and I look forward to more.

Next on the list: The Battle of Stalingrad!

Until next time,


Guest Blogger - RedLegGunner's Escalation League!

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We have the next enstallement of our Guest Blogger RedlegGunner the Escaltion League! 

Leading up to the start of the Escalation League, our sponsoring store sported a “Build and Paint” day. It gave us a chance to come out, meet the other players, and for new players (such as myself) the opportunity to assemble our forces for the upcoming Escalation League. It was also used as the “official release” of the guidelines for each round and over all information.

There will be seven rounds, culminating in a tournament for round eight. Victory and league points can be earned during each game played. “League Points” can be applied for rerolls for the tournament at the end, for raffle entries, or be used for rerolls during the tournament at the end. The top 3 players from the Tournament will receive a trophy. I am not entirely sure what the victory points will be used for.

The guidelines for the first round are:

400 points – Single Infantry Platoon only – i.e. a single Officer (2LT/1LT), Infantry Squads, and Teams.

No vehicles, Forward Observers (FOO/FAO), and no “free units” from applicable armies (Soviet squad, French squad, British free FOO, etc)

When I learned that I could not take my Forward Observer, I cried. No, not really, but I wanted to say that anyway. Without knowing the scenario or having a firm grasp of game mechanics or my chosen army strengths and weaknesses, I am opting for just whimsy and personal choice. Now, tactics are like armpits. Everyone has them, but no one thinks that theirs stink, so I am not worried about winning. I just want to get into the game, get my army assembled, and have fun with my friend and associates.

Building in Progress

I have decided that my starting force will be:

2LT, and Platoon Sergeant – SMG (60)

Medic and stretcher bearer– (33)

Squad, 10, SMG, LMG – (123)

Squad, 10, SMG, LMG – (123)

Medium Mortar and spotter – (60)

Total points – 399

Men – 28

I have also taken to the theme of being a Scout unit for the 1st Infantry Brigade of the 7th Armored Guards Division.  From my understanding, this unit operated in the Northern European Theater; Northern France, Belgium, etc. I am not really sure I have the skills to paint to the exact details, but at least I have a guideline that I will use for structuring my forces moving forward.

The store will sponsor one more ‘build and paint’ day, and then the league begins on March 3rd.

If anyone has questions relating to my experiences, please feel free to ask, and I will attempt to answer.’

“God save the King!”

~ RedLegGunner

Guest Blogger - RedLegGunner

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Hello all! I want to give a big welcome to a special guest blogger RedlegGunner from Twitterverse. He is new to the hobby and we both thought I might be interesting to blog his reentrance into the world of Gaming and bolt Action. So without further ado let’s give a warm welcome to RedLegGunner :

Greetings to our fellow hobbyists. I am returning to table top wargaming after about a 20 year hiatus. My first foray into the hobby was as an Imperial guard player, using the Rogue trader rules, robot flow chart and all. But then, life happened. I got married, had three amazing children, I was an Army reservist, and getting a career going. Then something unexpected happened. A divorce, my children are mostly grown up, and I have retired from the military. There is a lot more to it, but this is about getting back into table top wargaming, so let’s skip all that.

Over the past year, my friend since High School, has been inviting me to our local hobby store to try out various games. While I have done some gaming (Shadowrun, Crossfire, Fallout 4), I had not really dived into anything. In December of last year, I finally joined him for an intro to Warlord’s Bolt Action. He had an American Airborne Starter Box set, and several of the others shared their miniatures, and I was hooked.

Two weeks later, I went back, and brought one of my sons. I polled the other players about what they played, and the rules, and I very quickly opted to play the British. Mostly because of the free Forward Observer, and I had been an Artilleryman in the army, in a unit with ties to the landings at Normandy. For several reasons, I did not have a large hobby fund at the time, so I could only obsess over what I wanted, and wait for Christmas. My friend bought me my first troops for the game. A command section, and now my army is named after him, “Ram’s Rough Riders”. For Christmas, I received my very own British box set, and a few odds and ends.

Well, I am still easing back into it all, and unsure where to start. Then, our local store announced that they would be sponsoring an ‘Escalation League’. For me, this is perfect because I often ‘wander’ aimlessly, not quite sure what to build first, etc. While asking game questions with PanzerMom and MadIrishTank, I thought it might be fun to share my experience of getting into this great game and they offered to allow me to quest blog. I am thankful for their willingness to share their blog space. More to come soon.

~ RegLegGunner

Bolt Action Tournament - Ogre's Den

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Well I decided to get out and about and attend another Bolt Action Tournament at the newest gaming store in the Sacramento area.The Ogre’s Den opened this year and has really done a great job of bringing people in for gaming. Joe the owner is part of our FB Sacramento Bolt Action group and has welcomed the Bolt Action community into his store.

This time I wasn’t so nervous and I had battled my way through my first tournament and came out alive! Though this time my husband decided not to come with me, he said I was a big girl now and it was time to put my big girl pants on and take on the world!

It was then that I started to rework my 1000-point Army. My issue last time is that I did not play my transport vehicles correctly, I failed to get in and get the objectives. I knew I wanted to take at least one vehicle and perhaps a tank. But At the moment all the tanks I own are really experience. I mean I have 3 Tiger Tanks and a King Tiger. There was no way I was going to be able to get those buggers on the table. I was also afraid of not having enough troops on the table. In the end I just decided to take my two halftracks. The only change that I made from the last Army list was changing up one small unit to contain two LMG’s. I was envisioning all the dice!

My First battle was against the Brits, as if haven’t had enough British from playing my husband. The first scenario was “Top Secret”. The objective was placed in the middle of the board. The First one off the board with the object wins. The British were first to the objective marker so for my Germans it was about advancing and trying to Kill off the enemy. In the end my Germans just couldn’t stop the Brits from running off the table. My take away from this game is that having units in reserve can be a bugger if you don’t pass your moral check, and daisy chaining the objective is a great way to get it off the table.

Brits taking the Objective 

German Half Track trying to get to the Brits

My second battle was German vs German and my opponent Cole and I saw this as a “Training mission” in which we had to just take out our enemy. It was a battle from the get go! Machines guns galore, the Buzzsaw rule was in action. In the end we both lost troops and I had one last man standing who just could not face down the Tiger Fear from Cole’s Tank.  My Take away from this game is I am so glad I have the Buzzsaw rule, that one extra dice on machine guns really comes in handy.  

Coles Germans Advancing 

Kat's Lone German standing off against the Tank

My last battle was against the Tony who was playing the British, our scenario was to have two objectives on the table and we either had to defend or take the objective for the win. This game was quite different that the other two games because Tony brought Vehicles, he was armed with Universal Carriers, Truck (With Troops) and a Tank. I was greatly outnumbered and was surprised by the sheer quickness of the British vehicles. Which forced my Germans hunker down and defend the objective in their area.

In the end it was a pretty easy win for Tony’s Brits, but we saved the best for last and wanted my German Commander to out with a bang as he as a lone soldier defended the objective against British Troops as they rushed to assault. Even though I would have loved to have won a game, I am all for a cinematic ending.


German Half Tracking facing Britihs Universal Carriers 

Kat's Lone German LT defending the Objective

My big takeaway from this event is I need to rethink my 1000-point army list for the next event or just general game play. I really need to get my half tracks on the table and moving to get to objective or confront the enemy. I tend to hold back, which causes me to either be on the run or defending in my territory. I need learn to be more aggressive in my game play, and not so attached to my soldiers. Even though I lost all my games I had the best time and I look forward to my next event.

Until next time ~ PanzerMom 

If you are interested in Bolt Action Game play you can find The Ogre’s Den here:

BATTLE REPORT : Tanks For the Memory

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A few days ago, I was challenged by Mad Irish tank to another game in our ongoing Campaign. He was making a push for more territory and resources. Between the Soviets and Brits my Germans are taking a beating. To date my Germans have lost all of their fuel resources and the next in line is Supply Depot. This was my chance to defend and make a push back! So, challenge excepted.

500 Point Army

MadIrish Tank – British

PanzerMom – German - Tank crews are to be activated at the end of the round and armed only with rifles. These three tank crews were not part of my army points.

British Objective – To raid the German Fortifications, to stop the German tank crews from reaching their tanks before explosives were placed.

German Objective: To get 3 tank troops to their prospective tanks and activate. Tank crews are to be activated at the end of the round and armed only with rifles.

Resources spent: British spent 3 fuels to bring Vehicle's into play. Germans: The game table came with extra fortifications that we both agreed I did not have to pay for due to the theme of the game.


The Brits have recovered a bit of Intel that a German Tiger platoon has stopped to refuel at a supply depot. The Orders are given the British Special Forces are to raid the depot and take out the tanks and any troops that get in the way.

Placing Troops

As always, the first thing done is placing your troops on the table to get them into position, so I made sure that the roadways were protected with my MMG team in the Bunker, with my flame thrower team keeping them company. A Waffen SS Unit patrolling the wall, with a support Heer Grenadier unit making its way for back up. I brought my Sniper onto the board up high in the Sniper tower to watch over the hills and forest. My 2nd Heer Grenadier unit was patrolling the wall on the east side of the supply depot, to keep watch over the Tiger tanks that were parked up for refueling.

German Heer Grenadier Patrol Unit

German MMG Team in Bunker

The British troops were making their way through the hills and forests. The unit of LRDG vehicles were slowing making their way through the hills. The British raiding forces were coming up through the woods on the east side of the forest with an MMG, Sniper and PAIT teams leading the way.

British LDRG Raiding Force 

British Paratrooper Unit

British PAIT Team 

Round 1

There is always a bit of apprehension from my part as I place the poker chips into the bag for our activation pool. Pulling the chips always falls to me I always have a bit of excitement as I reach into the bag hoping that I pull a Green chip, but the first activation went to the Brits. I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the red chip; his British vehicles are so quick for fast attacks and with the placement of the roads I just knew he was going to move in with shock and awe.

The British Jeep and LRDG vehicle moved up facing toward the German patrol along the wall opened fire with their forward machine guns, resulting in just pinning the patrol.

The German Waffen SS unit then opens fire with their LMG and Assault Rifles and managed to hit, but did not penetrate leaving the jeep. Those hits looked great, but then having to roll again to penetrate never works out well.

With the British forces making their advance, my German Sniper goes on over watch as he watches the troops advancing slowly, his finger on the trigger just waiting for them to step into his sights.

In moves the 3rd vehicle stopping right next to his buddy and opening fire again with the HMG and the Germans hit the deck with no casualties. As they regroup only to see the third vehicle unloading more rounds with the MMG and this time they were not fast enough and took hits, but suffered no damage. That's right they are hard as nails!!

I will say at this point I did breathe a sigh of relief for all three vehicles had had their turn and I knew for the time being my Waffen SS group was safe for now. However, I just keep pulling those red chips!

The British PAIT Team starts to move up the east side of the forest towards the unmanned Tiger tank unit in hopes of getting into range to hit.

The German Flamethrower team moves out into the road to advance as back up for the patrol until of Grenadiers on the east wall.

The Heer Grenadier unit moves up around the building on the west side of the board to give support to the pinned down Waffen SS unit. With LMG and Assault rifles they open fire on the first vehicle that comes into sight as they move around the corner. Hitting but not able to penetrate, leaving the Brits with another pin marker.

As the battle heats up the German MMG team opens fire at the British MMG team coming into sight at the top of the hill, and watches as they take one casualty and a pin marker.

With the German MMG Team being distracted by opening fire on their counterparts on the hill the British Para unit takes advantage of this moment and makes a run towards the east side wall, but immediately comes under fire by a German Sniper. The Brits manage to avoid being hit as they approached the wall.

Alerted by the sound of gun fire the 3 Tiger tank crews race out of the barracks and make a run towards their tanks on the east side of the compound

Round 2

The chips are placed back into the bag and I give them a good shake and guess what color I pull??? RED! I knew what was coming, those vehicles were going to make a push.

The British jeep makes its move, racing up to the road and swung the vehicle parallel to the wall so they could bring to bare all weapons on the vehicle and opened fire on the Waffen SS unit, who lost two and acquired another pin maker. It was now the MMG on the rear's turn to fire on the back up unit and hit but no damage.

The Brits push forward up to the gate, unable to push through due to troops blocking the way they opened fire to and were able to split the unit leaving a clear path for the other vehicle to crash through the gate to open fire on the tank crews racing toward their tanks. The Waffen SS unit failed to respond to orders due to being heavily pinned.

On the east side of the compound the British Pait team moves into place under the sniper tower out of sight of the sniper team above them and start launching their shaped charge at the closest tank, while hitting the charge was not able to penetrate.

The battle ensures on the east wall the British Paras fire upon the German Heer Grenadier at point blank range, hitting and taking out three soldiers. The German Flame thrower takes advantage of this distraction and attempts to fire on the remaining British Paras, only to miss everything part from some grass and twigs.

The Heer Grenadier team opened fire with their submachine guns on the British Paras and were able to take out three soldiers, leaving the remaining two to regroup and stand their ground.

Back on the west side of the compound the Heer Grenadier unit opened fire on the vehicle that just wreaked havoc on their brothers in arms and managed only managed to keep the vehicle pinned.

The British MMG team reacting to the carnage that they just witnessed opened fire on the flame thrower team and manages to take out the loader. Taking a que from their brothers the British sniper opens fire on the Grenadier team on the wall and managing to keep them pinned down.

Back to the west side of the compound the Waffen SS open fire on the LRDG vehicle in retaliation for their fallen brothers. Tanks crews then make another run towards their Tigers.

Round 3.

After regrouping and assessing the damage I have to say this has been one exciting game! The Chips go back into the bag and you guessed it.....a RED bloody chip! Lol I just can't win.

On the west side of the table the British Vehicle slams through the gate and at breakneck speed stops short and opens fire on the tank grew that is running towards the tanks, they manage to keep them pinned down but no casualties. Then they unleash their rear facing MMG and start to open fire on the Waffen SS unit on the wall to keep them pinned down.

The Waffen SS unit shakes it off and responds to orders and open fires on the British LRDG vehicle and manages to hit but no penetration.

Back to the east side of the board the PAIT team advances and launches another round of shaped charges and just bounces off the armor of the Tiger tank. They just can't seem to get light that tank up.

Summoning all the courage that he could muster the lone German flame thrower tries to move forward to prevent the remaining British Paras from attacking the other unit and realizes that it is a lost cause and is paralyzed with fear and goes down.

Taking advantage of the distraction that the PAIT team was giving with its failed attempts to blow up the empty, parked, unmoving, stationary, unmanned tanks, the British Paras open fire again on the Heer Grenadiers and manage to finally take out the LMG team.

The Heer Grenadiers shake off the loss of their LMG and move forward to take out that PAIT team, the last thing they want to tell their commanders is that they lost two Tigers and one King Tiger to the Brits. Moving at a fast paced they jumped up onto the boxes and opened fire on the PAIT team and could not keep their aim still and missed.

Back to the other side of the compound the Waffen SS manage to open fire on the Jeep and they finally have success and knock out the jeep! Then they notice the third vehicle move past them and turn into the entrance of the compound. They had forgotten about the tank crews racing to the tanks and had only focused on the jeep that had been reigning fire over their heads.

Two tank crews advance again, the third that had been hit by the British was paralyzed in fear and could not move.

Round 4

The tension is rising and oh boy I can feel the urgency to provide extra support for the tank crews, but I am not sure I can pull this off. The Chips are back in the bag, shaken up and.....RED! AGAIN lol

The PAIT Team unfazed by their continued failures, move in and launch yet another attack at the Tiger tank and finally takes the tank out. With the loud explosion the British troops have new vigor and pushed harder. As the British LRDG vehicle on the west side of the board moved onto the dirt track separating two tank crews and opened on the crew in front and eliminated them. Then they opened fire on the tank crew in the read and killed one, leaving one standing who fled the battlefield in fear of this life.

The 2nd British LRDG vehicle raced through the entrance of the compound and with a sharp turn opened fire on the last tank crew and destroyed them. The Remaining German Troops could be seen fleeing into the forest as the British troops secure the compound and capture one Tiger and King Tiger tank.

This was so much fun to play! Watch out for the next battle report when the Germans Counter attack before the British can consolidate their position.

Until next time,


BATTLE REPORT : My First Bolt Action Tournament.

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PanzerMom @ Great Escape Games Bolt Action Tournament

I have been part of the Bolt Action Sacramento FB page for quite some time and I have been a wee bit of a lurker until recently when I saw a flyer announcing a Bolt Action Tournament at one of our local games stores “Great Escape Games” In Sacramento.

I had been thinking about going but hadn’t made a definite decision until I was asked on the Bolt Action FB page if I would be attending. It was as if the gaming universe was calling me out, “Don’t be such a wimp, get out there and play” so I took a deep breath and said YES, I will be going. It was probably about 20 secs after I said yes, the reality of what I just did started to sink in and the questions started buzzing around my head. What will it be like? Who will be there? OMG What if I can’t remember the rules? What if I lose??? Oh, wait I lose all the time, so I am used to that. But what if I win….

So, before I could talk myself out of it I walked calmly into the living room and announced that I was attending a Bolt Action Tournament. Both my husband and son looked at me and said “cool” and went back to what they were doing.

So, before I could talk myself out of it I walked calmly into the living room and announced that I was attending a Bolt Action Tournament. Both my husband and son looked at me and said “cool” and went back to what they were doing. What?? no standing ovation? lol

Soon after there was a lot of discussion regarding the upcoming event on the BA Sacramento FB page, and the organizer Sean Palmer shared posted the specifics:

• 1000pts. generic selector (no theater selectors)

• single reinforced platoon, no Tank War lists

• no special characters or experimental vehicles

• 12 dice cap

• have fun!


• -Key positions

• -Nuts! (Bolt action alliance tournament mission)

• -Heartbreak ridge (Bolt action alliance tournament mission)

I think knowing them mission’s ahead of time was good for me. I was going to be ready! I read them over and over making sure I knew the ins and outs. I think the hardest part for me was actually putting my 1000-point army together, for after the third attempt at a list I realized I was emotionally attached to my units and if I wanted to be successful I needed to think tactics not emotions.

My Army list was as follows:

• HQ Unit

• Heer Infantry Veterans 10-man unit

• Heer Grenadier Veterans 5-man unit

• Heer Grenadier Veterans 5-man unit

• Waffen SS Late War Veteran 10-man unit.

• Waffen SS Sniper Team

• Medium Mortar Team

• SDKFZ Half Track 251/10

• Hanomag Reg

So, game day arrived and MadIrishTank was kind enough to go with me and give me Morale Support. We arrived a bit early so we could meet everyone. It was a great turn out and Sean the event organizer was so welcoming I felt right at home.

My First game of the day was a German vs. German. Andrew and I decided that this was a training exercise between brothers in arms as we played for Key Positions. I think my favorite part of this first game was the narrative that was created.  

 German Troops moving in from both Sides of the board. 

Germans moving in to capture a postion.

My German Half Track blown to pieces! 

In the end I lost this first game but I learned a great deal!  Next, I found myself up against the Japanese Army, and quite an impressive looking army along with a SS-KI Engineering Vehicle that had 7 flame throwers!  
Japanese army about to take an objective 

The Impressive Japanese SS-KI Engineering Vehicle

We were down to the last few minutes as time ran out and we both were battling it out for the last objective. In the end as the game time was called we had a draw. I really liked this game because we were both new to Bolt Action and just settled in to have fun and understand our armies a little bit better.

Now on for the last game of the day, I found myself up against the Japanese again, but this time on a jungle board. This game was a pretty fast paced game, with tanks and vehicles all trying to grab all the obstacles that we could.

German Soldiers staring down the barrel of a Japanese Tank

Japanese Soldiers take the last obejctive

In the end it came down to the last objective, with Japanese’s Soldiers taking the objective and the German Soldiers assaulting the Japanese unit leaving one man standing. The Last Samurai who in turn assaulted back and killed 5 German Soldiers with his blade in a blood and guts move! One of the bloodiest ending I have ever had in a game. It was EPIC!

All in all, I had a wonderful time, my final results were 2 losses and one Draw. I had a great time and met a lot of great players who love the game and were very patient with me as a newbie! I want to thank the Sacramento Bolt Action Group for welcoming me with open arms and I look forward more games in the future.

Until next time,

~ PanzerMom 

BATTLE REPORT - Bolt Action Challenge & Hack

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German Objective - The Mad Scientist

I was inspired by Jamie from Warlord Games Pledge post on the Facebook Bolt Action page, he offered up challenges for pledges to complete i.e paint troops or play a themed game of Bolt Action. He also offered up some awesome prizes. So, I took him up on his challenge and part of my pledge was to play a themed game of Bolt action.

My husband and I had been talking about what if we were to take one or two units and allow each soldier to have its own order dice. So, we decided to give it a go!

Game Points: 200 points, British - One Unit of Paratroopers, Germans - One 10 Man unit of German grenadier's and a MMG Team.

Intel: The Germans were housing the Scientist who specializes is in Chemical Weapons and he was on the verge of a breakthrough on creating a new chemical weapon to be used against the British in Operation Sea Lion.

Objective: British Paratroops were to drop into the village and search and destroy the Scientist. Germans to defend and protect the Scientist.

Game Rules - A token was placed in the center of the village, and a scatter dices were used for the paratroopers as they dropped. To search a building, it would take one turn and a roll of a D20 to see if the building was occupied by the scientist.

1-10 Scientist not found

11-20 House fully searched, Germans to reveal whether the Scientist was really there.

My husband decided he would set up the table, as always, he paid attention to detail. He made sure to have lots of buildings and plenty of cover.

Table Layout

Roads and cover

Once the table was set up I instructed him to leave the room so I could place the German Scientist in a building. Now I found this the hardest part of the game, for my husband knows me so well that I was afraid he would be able to determine the whereabouts of the objective just based of his knowledge of my game play style and the fact that I he can read me like a book.

So, after much contemplation I decided to place the Scientist in the farthest corner of the board on where he would be standing. If it is under his nose he won’t suspect it.

Hiding the Scientist

Now that we were ready to play, we placed the drop zone marker for the British Paratroopers.

Next came the placement of the German Patrol Units.

After all the Germans were placed, things started to get interesting as the Brits started to drop in. Controlled by the scatter dice from the Drop Zone marker. Both British and Germans were surprised to have to engage right away.

British Paras Drop right into a German Patrol

They even dropped in on top of buildings.

Round 1 :

It was time to start the game – Turn one

The German Patrol was taken by surprise as the British Paratroopers crashed down from above almost landing right on top of their heads. The German Rifle fired at the Brits and missed. This gave way for LMG Fire from the Brits with a successful roll of 2 natural 6’s and taking out one of the German patrol.

The German Soldier infuriated that his partner was shot opened fire on the Brits hitting them but with no damage.

With the sound of gunshots ringing through the air the British had to quietly make their way around the village and start doing door to door searches and having not luck, continued to search.

We decided that it would take one turn to enter a building, and one turn to search. We identified the searching soldier by placing him next to the building on top of his order dice.

As the British moved in to search the Germans moved in to take them out. A German LMG team open fire as a lone Brit runs across the field.

The Brits continue to search, but to no avail. Then they tried to enter the German HQ only to be fired upon by the German MMG which missed! As you can see it was a quite a distance to reach the lonely British Soldier.

More Brits headed into buildings.

The British kept searching, but still no luck. But here is where it gets interesting the Germans in a brilliant move to fake out the British all move towards one building in the center of the board. As I moved my German Forces closer my husband’s shouts "I knew it, that F(*&^* is in that building. I didn't say a word....

It was at the beginning of round two that I got the luck of the draw and charge in to assault the Brits inside the building. I did not want them throwing a search roll and only to discover the building empty.

So as the assault battle plays out with guns drawn and bullets flying WE ALL DIED!! Lol

In the meantime, the German MMG team at the other end of the Village is coming under fire. From a British Para shooting from a window, while his squad mates, the LMG Team, sneaked up on their rear.

With each pull of the order chip the Brits kept on delivering heavy fire and the German MMG team were collecting pin markers like they were going out of style.

Then the game turned into a bloody battle as German Soldiers running towards the building to distract the Brits from the whereabouts of the Scientist started taking fire and taking casualties.

The Brits continued to move into the building in which they thought their objective was hiding as a German Soldier trailed them.

Finally the British have a successful D20 role and find out that there was no one in the building and the search was on again.

The British once again entered the HQ Building and with another successful role found the building empty. While the remaining German soldiers started to run towards the building that housed the Scientist. It was at this point that I, the German commander, felt the battle turn in favor of the Brits, I was down to three men and the Paras were still going strong.

Finally the Brits entered the scientist's hideout. In a last ditched attempt to prevent them rolling their search dice, the remaining German forces assaulted them in the building.

And during the assault the last of the German forces met their end, taken out by the plucky Brits.

Then came the final nail in the coffin for the Scientist as the Brits had another successful role and finding and killing the objective.

This by far was one of the best games we have played. What was surprising was how killy this game was comparted to our larger battles.

Also how intimate it felt each time one of your men was taken out. I really empathize with my troops and could really feel the intensity of trying to defend the objective while keeping them alive.

Well I hoped you enjoyed our Bolt Action Hack and if you have questions about game play just ask!

Until next time,

~ PanzerMom

BATTLE REPORT : Soviet's Assault

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During Spring break my son and I decided to have a game of Bolt Action.

Objective: The Soviets to take out radio communications and blow up a supply storage facility deep in the German compound in 5 rounds. Germans to defend.

500-point army, - There was a twist, the Soviets had one British unit on loan from the British Military.

Resources spent: Germans – 1 fuel, Soviets – none.

With the objectives set, it was now time to build the table. My son decided he wanted to create the table. He did an amazing job!

Round One : Since I started in my own base my German's did not have far to advance :

The Soviets were moving up the table quickly :

I decided to put my Waffen SS Squad into my Hanomag and get them on the road :

Round Two : Germans starting to feel the pressure of the Soviets advancing :

The next thing I know is I have Soviets assaulting my HQ over the wall : 

At this point I am getting a wee bit nervous that the Soviets are going to take out my HQ.  The dice were rolled and my lonely German LT was left standing. I got so lucky!! 

Round Three : The Soviets and the British units were pushing up the battle ground only to come face to face with the German Flame Thrower Team.

Needless to say that didn't go very well for the British Para Squad :

But that British Para was not going down without a fight, he rushed the flame thrower team and took them out! 

 Round 4 began with my Hanomag rushing up the road to have my Waffen rush out and assault the Soviet troops :

This proved to be a very bad decison on my part, for another squad of Soviets took off for a run towards the objectives :

The Objective : Take out the Radio Tower : But Can they do it??? 

The Soviets small squad decided to make a run for the objective, leaving the German LT watching in horror! 

Then Round 5 began, and at this point there was not much the Germans could do other than watching the Soviets rush towards the objective! It was exciting watching the dice being rolled and the troops moving I forgot to take pictures!! Lol

In the end it was a draw the Soviets just didn't have enough time to make it to the objectives. The Germans were able to hold their postion on the map and they all lived to fight another day. 

Until next time,

~ PanzerMom 

Terrain Building - Mountains!!!

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When it comes to terrain on the battlefield we are always looking for something to give us depth and height. A city scape is nice but there are times when you just want to escape out into the wilderness. My husband and I had been talking about building mountains and he had a brilliant idea! He thought that we could experiment with using the expanding insulated foam. So, it was down to Home Depot to purchase a can of “Great Stuff, Insulating Foam”. The can was very inexpensive with the cost of around $5.00.

Now it was time to experiment, I had a large piece of wood left over from our table build that I decided to use. To cover it  I chose some of the cling film (wrap) so that the insulation wouldn’t stick to the board. I would like to note that I did several different sprayings and the second time I used parchment paper and discovered that it works so much better it allows the insulation to dry all the way through and expand so much more.

Now time for spraying!  

Here is an example of the second-round I did with parchment paper and after 24 hours the foam was completely dry. When I used the cling film it did not cure after two days and it was still wet after two days. 

Since there was more ventilation, they could expand quicker and larger. Leaving the bottom rounded which I needed to sand down to a flat surface.  

So, the next step was to shape these piles of foam into something resembling a mountain. Using an craft knife I shaped the tops and then sanded down the bottoms for a flat surface so that we could base them.

The next step was basing the mountains. I used 6mm MDF board and No Nails to glue them into place and drying time is 24 hours. 

Because I am using a foam product when it dries it can resemble a sponge. So, the next step in the process was using a filler to fill in any gaps or holes. For this I use a mixture of white spackle( poly filla in the UK)  and PVA glue. This mixture at can sometimes be hard to spread so I added a small amount of water to my brush and I was able to get that smooth surface to cover the tiny holes. Drying time is 24 hours. 

Then it was time I added some texture, so I once again used a mixture of spackle and PVA Glue. Using an Artist large paint brush, I added the mixture to the surface and using the stipping motion I added texture. Drying time for this step is 24 hours. 

Now that the texturing was complete it was time to paint a base coat of cheap black craft paint which can be found at your local craft store or Walmart. Recommended drying time is 24 hours.

Next it was time to add some highlights so I started by dry brushing a standard gray color.

Next to finish off the highlights I did a light dry brush of white over the surface to really make the mountain pop. I also painted the bases brown in preparation for flocking. 

On my first round of mountains I flocked and then sprayed it with watered down PVA Glue to seal the flock and the mountains cracked. My husband did the polyurethane coat prior to flocking and sealing, and when he applied the watered down PVA glue his mountains did not crack. So we can only guess that the polyurethane protects the mountains from absorbing liquid.  

At this point you can base them appropriate to your table.

Since I  wanted mountains for a European wilderness table I flocked the bases and added a bit of foliage.

All in all, this was a really fun project and I enjoyed the time I spent making mountains. Soon after we got them down on the table for a game of Bolt Action. These new terrain pieces added so much depth and height to the table. Great if you are playing a Sniper Team!

You can see an image of the full table on our Battle Report : Intelligence Drop.

Until next time,

~ Panzermom

BATTLE REPORT: Intelligence Drop

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With our new 6x4 table complete as well as our new mountain terrain we just had to get a game in! So, I was challenged by my husband MadIrishTank and his British Army against my German army, to the winner would be another territory on our Campaign map. I have been losing ground lately with the Soviets and British closing in and this was an important battle for my Germans we just had to win!

British vs Germans

Objective: To capture the intelligence capsule and retreat off the board.

Points: 500 point Army

Recourses spent: 1 Fuel by the British Army

Recourses to the winner: Top Secret Ability (to be able to see force your opponent to show their army list prior to the game starting)

The Objective was placed on the battle field : 

And let the rounds begin! The British were off to a fast paced start by deploying the SAS Jeep with their first turn!

With the SAS Jeep charging up the middle of the table the Germans scrambled to get their forces on the table by deploying the Waffen SS Squad :

And the Brits move to take overwatch on one of the mountains :

At the very end of round 1 the British place their bombardment token :

At the Beginning of Round 2 the Bombardment hit and my husband rolled a 5 and then he rolled a 6 for distance. 4 Units were hit and I lost 3 men and had multiple pin markers. 

During the middle of round 2 I moved Hans up the mountain and  was about to place my bombardment marker when my husband asks “ May I make a suggestion?” He was smiling that winsome smile of his so I said “Yes” he then proceeded to convince me that laying my bombardment marker was not a good thing to do since he hadn’t finished all his movements. He suggested I wait until the end of the turn and move Hans last and then place the Bombardment token.  That way none of the units targeted have time to move out of the way before the bombardment arrives. I have a problem when my husband smiles at me, I tend to lose all common sense and can’t keep my thoughts straight and I agreed and did not place my marker even though I had moved Hans. This proved to be a huge mistake on my part.

 What happened next felt like a betrayal, while still smiling at me he went ahead and moved his SAS Jeep around to face Hans and they fired shots at him :

And they succeeded in taking Hans out :

Hans was quickly escorted off the battle field to fight another day, but what I had totally forgotten was the SAS Jeep had three big guns! They turned and opened fire on my flame throwers and destroyed them. 

Then the SAS Jeep opened fire on the Heer Grenadier Squad Unit and they took losses. That SAS Jeep is devastating to troops if it gets close up and personal:

With only a few deployment chips left my Germans just could not pass their morale checks from the being pinned. And the third round began with the Brits drawing first so they swooped in an took the objective :

And then Battle ensues : 

With more British Troops moving in the Germans just could not seem to catch up and having those pin markers made it that much more difficult Until the German Grenadier Squad decided to take a bold action and assault the troops who were holding the objective :

Three lonely Geman Soldiers charged in on the Brits and I rolled : 

Finally the battle is turning in the Germans favor and at the end of the assult one lonely German remains to take the objective : 

To the German solider this was a small victory, but he soon realized the peril he was in as he was surrounded by British troops:

Next the British MMG Team opens fire and riddle my lonely German Soldier full of lead :

The British infantry step in to cover the objective :

The Germans watch in dismay as more Troops arrive over the horizon :

And the British Sniper team took control of the objective and made it off the board :

With the end of this game, I have lost another territory and the Brits and Soviets are pressing in. I shall hunker down and gather my strength to fight another day for Victory!!

Until next time 

~ PanzerMom